September 14, 2008

250 GB hosting for FREE!

Get your premium FileSavr account for free.

For you who haven't heard of this site, it is a competitor to sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload. This Sign up-offer is limited and expires in 24h. So be quick and get uploading files you want to share with your friends or colleagues! Normal price is 10$/month.


Note: This is not an offer from me. It's available to everyone and I don't take any responsibility regarding this site.


Stephen said...

Thanks for posting this, now I have a premium accound with FileDropper and File Savr for free!

Morten Norheim said...

How did you get access to FileDropper for free and what's the difference?

Stephen said...

File dropper had a similar offer a few months ago, sign up for free for a premium account. The two websites actually seem to have the exact same layout, I wonder if they are run by the same people.

Stephen said...

Also, don't miss my comment about Glided mini! :)