December 5, 2008

MediaMonkey v3.1: Development and roadmap

One month since last post. I've been busy. Looking forward to the holiday season when I can do what I want.

So the MediaMonkey team has done something really interesting. They've opened up the bug tracking system for more interested users to let them see when their bug is getting fixed. What will the result be?

One can only give good guesses. However, the advantages of an open-minded development like MediaMonkey is doing now is that there are:

1) Less confusion regarding bugs and features. Everything the developers are doing is also on Mantis (link).
2) Better and faster feedback
3) Fewer "BIG" cleaning-days in the beta-forums. A continuity in the development stages. It might take as little as one day from the code leaves the hand of the developer, until interested users can confirm whether or not it is fixed satisfactory - or at all.

This is going to get really interesting in the next couple of months!

In other news, I'm picking up small pieces of MediaMonkey content. I can't do it all at once. People might think I've been deactivated - but I think about MediaMonkey more than most things. It's not just the things you see which make a difference later on. Stay tuned.

Oh by the way; the small things in life does matter!

Do you notice anything new?...

November 5, 2008

Obama as president

I won't say why I think the election did go as I hoped, but I think that Obama can make some change to both USA's economy, social status amongst many countries and give normal people something which they should expect from a nation such as the United states. The most important reason I've noted from Barack's campaign is keeping the Internet open. A small thing, people say. But no - it's all about the internet these days.

Congrats Barack Obama! Feel free to discuss below!

October 15, 2008

Sync ALL your iPods with MediaMonkey!

MediaMonkey yesterday released a newly developed beta version which support the newest iPod touch 2.x firmwares. MediaMonkey is the first program, if you don't include iTunes, to support ALL portable devices from Apple.

So, download and try the beta and sync it with your iPod!

Download MediaMonkey v3.0.6 Beta 1 (Direct link)

September 23, 2008

The rejection of FLAC

Many people have been getting used to find material available on the internet. When iTunes store was launched back in April 28, 2003 - all of their music files had implemented the technology FairPlay which is a way to protect music from being used illegal. OiNK, a private tracker for music torrents, was launched back in 2004 and soon offered more variety and music in the format users wanted than the legal counter-part.
Reading the history of the torrent society of OiNK you should think that the big vendors got the idea. People don't want bad quality when they buy it online. But what did companies like Warner Music, Sony BMG etc. really learn from this? Nothing. Instead of embracing mass distribution and the community of music listeners, they shut down OiNK. Well, that was a minor set back - but it shook the whole society. The BIG companies see torrent-distribution as this evil thing which has to be destroyed - then tell me why most of these people also buy the music in their local store?

What do we want?
We want to explore music, we want the diversity expected to come with the global community connected to the internet. We like the social (i.e. Zune). We want to be respected as vivid music listeners. We want to download music without having to buy it first, and pay for music and artists we like. 30 seconds isn't enough. In my opinion, Microsoft and other companies which offer "all-you-can-eat" services does something right. But it isn't before FLAC is accepted as the main lossless format that there really is an alternative to the physical CD.

What is inexplainable is how long the industry have waited to do something sincere about this matter. They only think that sites like OiNK is bad for the industry. It is proven that these communities actually buy MORE music than others.

Give us a true service, not something half-minded crap which iTunes has fed us with for five years. Give us the ability to download music - then pay for what we like and get exclusive content, and maybe even get the record sent by mail. Also remember: cross-compatibility and lossless is the way to go. Give us a service which is BETTER than what we already have for free.

You haven't so far. Do it!

What do you think? Comment below!

September 14, 2008

250 GB hosting for FREE!

Get your premium FileSavr account for free.

For you who haven't heard of this site, it is a competitor to sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload. This Sign up-offer is limited and expires in 24h. So be quick and get uploading files you want to share with your friends or colleagues! Normal price is 10$/month.


Note: This is not an offer from me. It's available to everyone and I don't take any responsibility regarding this site.

August 12, 2008

Vacation is over

This blog has been dead for a month now. The reason is obvious, we've had sun in Norway. In my 2 week travel to Crete I have thought about this site and how I want to improve it.

There is something cooking, and it's more oriented against the society behind MediaMonkey. That's a big clue for what you'll soon see from me.

In addition to renewal of the website, I am going to work closely with the MediaMonkey-team on new features on especially the iTunes skin.

PS: You can still give ideas to the new miniplayer of Glided.

Give me your thoughts below.

June 27, 2008

WMP v1.3 - New version!

Not so long ago, I updated WMP11 to v1.2. I'm happy to announce a newer version.

This time I've updated both the players to be less resource hogging (in theory).

There are some small viewable changes (for example several inactive states for the player-buttons). Follow this link, or click on the Windows Media Player skin in the right menu for more information!

June 25, 2008

Customizable icons now possible

The next beta build of MediaMonkey (post v3.0.3) will feature something many skinners have complained about that MM3 didn't support: The possibility to add custom icons into each individual skin! This means that every skin you make can have a different icon set attached.

The only thing you need to do is place a sub-folder called Icons inside the .msz-file or the skin-folder. Using this feature will make your skin truly unique!

Also coming are some minor additions to the engine. One is where you can choose whether or not to show the dotted lines in the Main Tree. You can change the open/close node bitmaps as well.

Try these functions for yourself when MM v3.0.4 Beta 1 comes out!

June 24, 2008

What's next on this site?

Some of my readers might want to know why this is a blog and not just a site. Your answer is going to get answered below!

Yes, I will both make original and clone-skins. WMP11 is getting it's optimization of resources this week, and hopefully I'll be able to add new functionality to that skin pretty soon. The beautiful glow around the buttons is one of these. However, only the optimization will take some time to finish. Expect it in ~3 days.

iTunes v7 is also getting some desperately needed updates soon. However, this requires skin engine enhancements. Stay tuned.

In addition, I need help from you, the community, to give me ideas for a new main player (not a miniplayer as of yet) variant of Glided. It will use the same color set as the real Glided, so don't ask about an entirely new skin in that post. That is in planning as well, but Glided is getting it's job done first. Follow this link to get your ideas implemented in the skin.

Highlights and guides
I will also use this blog to highlight some great contributions to MediaMonkey - both skins and scripts. I will also give some easy-to-understand guides on how to use MediaMonkey's advanced functions and how to make/modify skins on your own.

And last, but not least, I want to encourage people to donate to this site. All money donated will go into a new website. As I don't know how to code, donations are needed for a programmer. But let me tell you this, the money donated will be worth it. I want to do great things with this site!

So, help this site evolve by donating!

If you have some other ideas to what this site can become, submit it below!

June 19, 2008

MediaMonkey v3.0.3 gone live along with new website!

Build 1183 has become the new build to beat. It is now the official MediaMonkey v3.0.3-build. A new beta cycle is soon to be expected for 3.0.4-builds.

In addition, as some of you might have seen, there is a new site for MediaMonkey. Same address, but a lot more functional and beautiful. The designers behind this site are and they've done a great job, also integrating the website to the forums.

So what's left?

The official "What's left"-list includes localized versions of the site, integration of the wiki, eSupport & the store, and finally a new dynamic add-ons site. The latter is actually a place where users can upload their skins & scripts very similar to More information on this later.

Head over to and see the new site and download the latest official build!

June 17, 2008

Glided mini - Give me your ideas!

The old player

The normal player, a reference for the new one

Do you want to take part in my new skin 'Glided mini'?

As I've told people on the forums on, I have thought for a long time about making a variant of the standard theme of MediaMonkey 3.0: Glided. This summer I will finish that project, but I need your help.

My first prioritazion is a new Main Player skin (see picture). Please keep in mind that this is a variant of Glided and not an entirely new skin. Everything except the main color use, though, can be changed and discussed here. Please submit your ideas to me.

Think closely before commenting below:
1) Which functions are essential?
2) Which functions are less important, but still smart to include?
3) How do you want the layout of the player to be? Ideas from another skin?
4) Any other suggestions you might have.

After you have submitted your ideas here, I will make a list where you can vote which type of functions I will include in my 'Glided mini' skin.

Think about it - you can take control over your favourite player by writing a few words below.

June 15, 2008

About Donations

Hi there MediaMoney users!

As you can see, there is a new button on this page. It's a way for people to donate money to this site and it's skins.

As to why I have made the decision to do this is because my computer is starting to get old and Photoshop - the program I intensely use to update and make skins - is very sluggish. Money donated here will be a helping hand when I buy a new computer this summer. Every donation is welcome - small or large. You decide.

Remember that donations are voluntarily submitted, but it will help me make new and hopefully beautiful skins. Glided is just a small part of what I can do when I have the tools needed.

So please people, if you like these skins, donate using the button below.

Many thanks for your attention.

Morten Norheim