December 5, 2008

MediaMonkey v3.1: Development and roadmap

One month since last post. I've been busy. Looking forward to the holiday season when I can do what I want.

So the MediaMonkey team has done something really interesting. They've opened up the bug tracking system for more interested users to let them see when their bug is getting fixed. What will the result be?

One can only give good guesses. However, the advantages of an open-minded development like MediaMonkey is doing now is that there are:

1) Less confusion regarding bugs and features. Everything the developers are doing is also on Mantis (link).
2) Better and faster feedback
3) Fewer "BIG" cleaning-days in the beta-forums. A continuity in the development stages. It might take as little as one day from the code leaves the hand of the developer, until interested users can confirm whether or not it is fixed satisfactory - or at all.

This is going to get really interesting in the next couple of months!

In other news, I'm picking up small pieces of MediaMonkey content. I can't do it all at once. People might think I've been deactivated - but I think about MediaMonkey more than most things. It's not just the things you see which make a difference later on. Stay tuned.

Oh by the way; the small things in life does matter!

Do you notice anything new?...


goldenrod and loblolly said...

This site has been online for a long time, and there have been no major updates so far as Media Monkey skins are concerned. Is this due to a lack of available skins?