November 5, 2008

Obama as president

I won't say why I think the election did go as I hoped, but I think that Obama can make some change to both USA's economy, social status amongst many countries and give normal people something which they should expect from a nation such as the United states. The most important reason I've noted from Barack's campaign is keeping the Internet open. A small thing, people say. But no - it's all about the internet these days.

Congrats Barack Obama! Feel free to discuss below!


david said...

Everyone is allowed to have their opinion. It isn't tacky.

Why are you anonymous btw?

Morten Norheim said...

Agreed. I've deleted that commment. However, the user is welcome back for a discussion on this matter if he wants. Whether a BLOG is a suitable place to post it's opinion? Of course.

Have fun in the holidays. New blog posts are due soon!

Anonymous said...

Are you still happy you voted for this clown?

Anonymous said...

How about now? ;)