June 24, 2008

What's next on this site?

Some of my readers might want to know why this is a blog and not just a site. Your answer is going to get answered below!

Yes, I will both make original and clone-skins. WMP11 is getting it's optimization of resources this week, and hopefully I'll be able to add new functionality to that skin pretty soon. The beautiful glow around the buttons is one of these. However, only the optimization will take some time to finish. Expect it in ~3 days.

iTunes v7 is also getting some desperately needed updates soon. However, this requires skin engine enhancements. Stay tuned.

In addition, I need help from you, the community, to give me ideas for a new main player (not a miniplayer as of yet) variant of Glided. It will use the same color set as the real Glided, so don't ask about an entirely new skin in that post. That is in planning as well, but Glided is getting it's job done first. Follow this link to get your ideas implemented in the skin.

Highlights and guides
I will also use this blog to highlight some great contributions to MediaMonkey - both skins and scripts. I will also give some easy-to-understand guides on how to use MediaMonkey's advanced functions and how to make/modify skins on your own.

And last, but not least, I want to encourage people to donate to this site. All money donated will go into a new website. As I don't know how to code, donations are needed for a programmer. But let me tell you this, the money donated will be worth it. I want to do great things with this site!

So, help this site evolve by donating!

If you have some other ideas to what this site can become, submit it below!