June 19, 2008

MediaMonkey v3.0.3 gone live along with new website!

Build 1183 has become the new build to beat. It is now the official MediaMonkey v3.0.3-build. A new beta cycle is soon to be expected for 3.0.4-builds.

In addition, as some of you might have seen, there is a new site for MediaMonkey. Same address, but a lot more functional and beautiful. The designers behind this site are cleverstarfish.com and they've done a great job, also integrating the website to the forums.

So what's left?

The official "What's left"-list includes localized versions of the site, integration of the wiki, eSupport & the store, and finally a new dynamic add-ons site. The latter is actually a place where users can upload their skins & scripts very similar to Firefox.com. More information on this later.

Head over to MediaMonkey.com and see the new site and download the latest official build!