June 17, 2008

Glided mini - Give me your ideas!

The old player

The normal player, a reference for the new one

Do you want to take part in my new skin 'Glided mini'?

As I've told people on the forums on MediaMonkey.com, I have thought for a long time about making a variant of the standard theme of MediaMonkey 3.0: Glided. This summer I will finish that project, but I need your help.

My first prioritazion is a new Main Player skin (see picture). Please keep in mind that this is a variant of Glided and not an entirely new skin. Everything except the main color use, though, can be changed and discussed here. Please submit your ideas to me.

Think closely before commenting below:
1) Which functions are essential?
2) Which functions are less important, but still smart to include?
3) How do you want the layout of the player to be? Ideas from another skin?
4) Any other suggestions you might have.

After you have submitted your ideas here, I will make a list where you can vote which type of functions I will include in my 'Glided mini' skin.

Think about it - you can take control over your favourite player by writing a few words below.


Protocol said...

Please, please include a STOP button close to the other player controls.

Anonymous said...

the reason for making it is because it would not be a full skin if there is no mini player.

now if you mean you are making a different style of the main skin and want to know what to include in it?
then the answer is simple


i would really rather you make a new skin. and leave the old style behind, since it is the default just put all the stuff on the default there's room for.

and make a new skin design and go with it.

Morten Norheim said...

@protocol: That's a valid request.

@anonymous: I am going to make a completely new design, but this comes first. Just to repeat it once more - what I'm making is a variant of the Glided main player (the peanut player is not yet part of this project). Users here have to decide whether it should be docked, undocked, with visualisation, advanced controls etc.

After you've submitted a nice list, I will add my preferences and make a poll.


gege said...

Hi, Morten

I really don't use mini-player, so I can't help much on this matter...
But I'll give you my two cents anyway. :-)

One thing that I never liked in Glided mini-player is its shape. Don't ask me why... I just feel that rounded shape doesn't fit the rest of the skin. But obviously this my humble opinion...

Another thing bothers me: player controls are very 'sparse'. Pause and Prev in the left side. Next and Stop on the right... (ok, I noticed someone has said it already...)

Maybe if you redesign it completely, making it look like the main player...
Well, I've made my usual dirty copy&paste, just to see how it could look like. Take a look.
This way it could even be resizable, just like the mini-WMP11.

Morten Norheim said...

Sorry for the confusion, but it's the main player and not the miniplayer which I'm gonna design.


damaja.cj said...

firstly, i think your skins are the most professional and tasteful designs out there for MM, so aesthetically i know ur design

choices will be great whatever. But for wish list options:

1) being able to fit extra items in the player panel while it's at large size. Especially, it'd be great if the smaller toolbars such as

'categorize', could be docked in the player, as they can be on the now playing/explorer tree panels. Or just include the symbols

at the top of the 'glass' part alongside the star rating symbol, so they can be accessed by right click.

2) as a DJ I like to see two time counters - one can then be set as total track length and the other time remaining, and other

variations (this is so i can quickly see whether a track is long enough to be worth classifying for my DJing playlists, plus other

things - like roughly where the main break is etc)

3) Flexibility flexibility flexibility ..and mobility - apart from the obvious (and most desirable of all) adaptation, which would be the flexibility in size and

position of the player panel; right-click options on any/all of the buttons/fields would be fantastic. e.g. right-click 'title'/'artist'/'album' display fields and be able to select any of the tracks other tags to display there instead...

These features would be great on any of your skins. I use ur iTunes skin, which i love apart from the fact that the player panel has so few features to it, so it seems like a waste of space. I'd probably be happy to use use the glided skin if it had a slimmer/smaller, more flexible and mobile player panel.

Great work anyway and many thanks for the *free* work you've done on your skins so far!


Anonymous said...

I'm a recent convert to MM from Winamp due to Winamp's constant problems with Vista, but if there's one thing I really miss from Winamp, it was the functionality of its windowshade mode.

What I would kill for is a MM skin where the miniplayer is the same size as the Winamp Classic windowshade (that is to say, small enough to fit "inside" a standard title bar) and has most of the same functionality. I'm currently using Eclipse because it has the most useful Microplayer, but it's just not the same.

Any chance you'd fill this particular void in the MediaMonkey skin selection?

Anonymous said...

We need a slim toolbar version of MM like winamp has!

Stephen said...

Hi Morten,

I think this mini player has real potential, I hope you're still working on it. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's what I imagine the player looking like, roughly:



Andy Orr said...

The << and >> controls are too dark - they are hardly visible - I didn't know they were there until.....

Add track length e.g 1:46/3:45

lookah said...

the sole reason i have not upgraded to mediamonkey 3 is because the new skin does not include the "left and right" balance control found in MM 2.5.5. and earlier. as a musician/teacher, i find it an essential tool when i'm transcribing music...

any plans of adding this?


Anonymous said...

I would really like the ability to change the font size, color, and attributes, plus a check list for things I'd like displayed. Personally I'd like the album left off.