June 12, 2008

Glided skin

Will work with: MediaMonkey v3.0
Download: Already included!
Latest: v1.0

My original Glided skin was made over a year ago after I got a mail asking if I would like to skin MediaMonkey using the latest skinning module. Glided is now included natively in MediaMonkey v3.0 in is in fact the standard skin as of date. The skin will be modified, especially in the player-modules in the future. A smaller player, normal-shaped player etc. are things likely to come in the forthcoming months.

Click the thumbnail to largen the image.

Future updates include
- Player variants
- Glass-dialogs (Aero)

Comments about the skin and future updates are welcome below!


Andy said...

very nice skin...i love it
but could you insert the year in the second column (album/artist)? that would be great :)

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to integrate the equalizer into the main window?