June 12, 2008

iTunes v7 skin

Will work with: MediaMonkey v3.0
Download: Link #1
Latest: v0.9

My iTunes v7 was originally designed for MediaMonkey v2.5 but has been modified to work with v3.0. Although this skin looks like iTunes, it got a player which is resizable and movable and beautiful color schemes. Future versions of this skin will implement the player at the top, but for now you can enjoy the skin with the freedom of MediaMonkey.

Click the thumbnail to largen the image.

Future updates include
- Implemented player at top
- Glass-dialogs (Aero)
- Vertical microplayer

Comments about the skin and future updates are welcome below!


mike said...

nobody commented on this one yet???

excellent skin but my only complaint is that you aren't using all the space you can. I understand you don't want it crowded for aesthetic reasons but there's:

[1] a random sliver for no reason at the top that can save (albeit a few) pixels
[2] a full row for resizing at the bottom when you already have a resizer built into the player ... redundant...
[3] random blank area to the right of the song details - instead of expanding the song details i would use this as a space for toggling shuffle, equalizer, repeat etc (like in gilded) as well as a place for a bar-style beat visualization (i suppose album art could go there but i don't use it so preferably not or let the user choose if you can)

Alright so this is still the skin I will be using but somewhat grudgingly because of the small amount of space me (and alot of other users with laptops) have to work with.

mike said...

PS - this is what i'm talkin about:

Morten Norheim said...

Hi Mike.

Thanks for your comment. I see what you mean, and I will deal with this problem. Search field, viewing modes in the player area. Search, visualisation in the lowest frame.

However, this is dependant of skinner functions rather than my vision. ;)

mike said...

the bar was removed for WMP skin but left for the itunes one..

and the shuffle/repeat fcns exist in the WMP skin but you removed them for the itunes one..

Anonymous said...

Get rid of those stupid amazon-ness!!!!!!!!
The buttons clutter each friggin row and everytime i accidentally click on the 'next song' popup it launches the browser and slows down my computer -- very useless and annoying eyecandy -- if i wanted amazon links i would install a script... frig.. otehr wise i second need to use space more wisely.

One thing i do like though: the ability to drag the player to where I want

oh another thing i don't like though: when a panel is dragged so that it is floating the title bar disappears and it can't be reattached without changing the skin..

methodunderg said...

I agree with Mike.
I've dragged the player just under the menu as in like itunes, and ive got some random silver strip with nothing on it at the bottom? Looks really out of place...

And when I drag the player up the top, on the top and bottom of the player there is about a 2px white sorta border round it, if you know what i mean?

If not I'll take a screen dump and show ya..

I'm really diggin' ya skin, keep it up :D

Anonymous said...


There is a small bug in your skin which i very much like.

When you double click on the album cover it brings it to the centre of the screen - as usual. Alas, there are no x boxes to close it!

Hope you can fix this.

Play Living said...

Love this skins, but I really need a shuffle button somewhere on the player! Perhaps in the long grey bar at the very bottom that is currently unused?

Keep up the good work, hope you can put in a shuffle feature somewhere in the new version

Ray said...

I can't seem to move the "Now Playing" window. The name "Now Playing" does not appear at the top. Otherwise, looks pretty good. Keep at it.

Anonymous said...

This is the PERFECT MediaMonkey skin.

There's only 1 small thing I would change on it.

I'd move the time display just a touch to the left. When you click on it, and change it to "time remaining," it pushes into the player control section just a bit. At least on my screen, it does.

Darevitz said...


Good job but please fix it! As mike mentioned on the first post, There's SO MUCH space being wasted.

I'm sure u saw google's Chrome browser tabs are even in the title bar! The buttons almost look like some one Game Over(ed) playing Tetris.

Can you please, please somehow fold the spaces together? I really love this skin because it's simple and easy one the eyes, unlike almost all the other skins out there.

Please let me know once you've fixed it :-)


Great work and thanks in advance!!

Anonymous said...

any changes on this cool skin yet?

tvorobyova said...

It would just adore it if "minimized' had a rating option (little stars or dots). No complaints, though:-)

Daniel said...

The bold text and the shadowing in the title bar is too heavy-handed for me. It a minimum it violates the design principle on which the Mac interface is based. Otherwise, at first glance it is lovely. Will be sticking with the default skin for now. Definitely look forward to the perfecting of this one though. =)

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this script same typo as in the Monkey Rok basic brush

Anonymous said...

thank you!